Frequently Asked Questions

Can Tony be contacted for assistance?
Yes, for training needs or advice on online investigation.

What does the tracking app record?
IP address, ISP, Browser, OS, temporarily for training purposes.

Does the website use cookies?
Yes, cookies are used and visitors must accept them.

Is there guidance for online compromise on the site?
Yes, there’s advice for victims of hacking and online compromise.

What is a personal goal of Tony’s?
To help the community be safe online.

Does Tony offer training?
Yes, in technical matters, cybersecurity, cyber crime, and investigations.

What is Tony’s previous career experience?
Royal Navy & 26 years with the British Transport Police, in various roles.

Who runs the website?
Tony Bennett, a former British Transport Police Officer.

What services does the website offer?
Computer & Mobile Phone Forensics, Intelligence Gathering, and Professional Training.

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