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This in-house face-to-face training will provide delegates with the skills to confidently undertake investigations using open-source techniques and present the material obtained in a manner that will withstand scrutiny in a criminal court or civil tribunal. Due diligence, compliance issues, know your customer and internal investigations will be thoroughly complimented by this training.

Opsimathy Ltd is registered with the UK Register of Learning Providers Ref No: 10081610

This is suitable for those people conducting the following types of investigations:

Corporate investigation.
Human trafficking.
Non-regulated sectors applying the risk-based approach.
Online child protection.
Private investigation.
Regulation sectors.
Retail investigation.

Benefits to delegates and your organisation:

Active search and monitoring of social media platforms.
Allows delegates to go back to their desks and have an immediate impact within your organisation.
Demonstrates the limitations, opportunities and risks associated with the use of open-source information.
Efficient use of time by utilising current OSINT tools.
Enables the production of high-quality reports and briefings.
Laptops and open WI-FI can be supplied at an extra cost.
Locate, filter, and collect information and data more efficiently and effectively.
Low-cost bespoke training for your organisation.
Provides knowledge to research individuals, companies, organisations and Internet traffic safely and effectively.
Structured and efficient OSINT workflow.
Training can be held at a venue of your choice.
Training days from 1 to 4 days.
Tried and tested approach to gathering and analysing relevant and useful information.

Courses can involve:

Lectures on the theory.
Trainer led instruction within a group.
Practical exercises.
Case studies.
Written assessments.
Online assessments.

Subjects covered in the training:

Communication profiles.
Anonymisation techniques.
Basic and advanced searching techniques.
Browser based tools.
Business & financial tools.
Deep and Dark Web research techniques.
Evidence capture tools.
Free and paid-for OSINT products.
Handling of Internet evidence.
Investigating digital images and video.
Investigating email and email tracing.
Investigating social networking sites, forums and blogs.
Investigating websites and domains.
Planning online investigations.
Research of company and business information.
Research of telephone numbers, addresses and individuals.
Setting up and using investigation profiles.
Understanding Internet architecture.
Use of databases and online services.

Suitable delegates:

Brand Protection Teams.
Close Protection Officers.
Commercial Investigation Teams.
Debt Collectors.
Due Diligence Investigators.
Enforcement Officers.
Family History Researchers.
Fraud and Corruption Investigators.
Law Enforcement Agencies.
Money Laundering Reporting Officers.
Private Investigators.
Professional Witnesses.
Risk & Compliance Teams.
Security & Intelligence Teams.
Trading Standards Teams.

Trainer skills:

A subject-matter expert.
Current practitioner.
Skills and knowledge are updated every day.
Most up-to-date methods and techniques.
MSc in Computer Forensics.
Qualified trainer.

Also provided with the course:

Free Access to a comprehensive list of browser shortcuts for online research.
Discounts for the book which compliments the training.
Certificate of attendance.

Course delivery:

Courses usually supplied as 1 Day, 2 Day or 4 Day courses at a place of your choosing.
Courses with practical application can be delivered up to 12 delegates.
Computers with admin rights, tools and open Internet access can be provided.
Also, available as a lecture for larger groups, such as university students, management teams, board members or social groups.
Bespoke courses available on request.

For more information and enquiries about training please email enquiries@opsimathy.co.uk or use the contact us page..

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