OSINT Training One-to-one

personal OSINT training

I am very aware that some clients do not have time or the desire to undergo training in a large mixed group. Private clients often require a personal touch or a more focused experience, particularly when confidentiality is required due the nature of your business or you being a celebrity client.

I am happy to confidentially discuss requirements with anyone who may require this type of training.

To this end, I can offer training in the following types of online investigation subjects:

Online Investigation – Beginner.
Online Investigation – Advanced/Prior Experience/Refresher.
Computer Setup & Tools.
Audit Trails & Evidence Capture.
Planning Online Investigations.
Computer Security & Digital Footprints.
Email Investigation.
Use of Databases & Paid Services.
Investigating Pictures & Video.
Investigating & Authenticating Documents.
Use of Investigation Profiles.
Investigating Social Media.
Introduction to the Dark Web.
Delegate OSINT Practical Exercises.
Delegate OSINT Assessment.

I offer a selection of Advanced Online Investigation Techniques (OSINT) (I3) training modules, however if you require specific training in the above subjects these can be arranged. Training is normally conducted using Zoom or any other popular online training platform and can last for an agreed time period.

Interested in a course that suits your personal needs then contact me directly at enquiries@opsimathy.co.uk and we can discuss your requirements.

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