For Private Investigation Services in the UK:

Tony offers a friendly, discreet, affordable and highly effective Private Investigation service specialising in Online Investigation and Evidence Gathering, Due Diligence checks, Tracing Enquiries, Researching Social Media, Database Interrogation, Email and Internet use. For any Investigation Enquiries please use the email address:

For Private Investigation Services in the Isle of Man:

Expol Corporate Risk Consultants & Forensic Investigators

Expol is a leading provider of risk consultancy and forensic investigation services. They can assist you in resolving, mitigating and avoiding complex, commercial and personal challenges.
Their team has extensive experience of advising corporates, eGaming sector, financial institutions and private clients on matters of fraud, asset tracing, litigation, criminal defence, commercial disputes, planning and crisis management.

The Expol group consisting of Expol Limited, ExpolCheck and ExpolCollect enables clients to benefit from a combination of services using highly experienced specialists.

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