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OSINT Tools for OSINT Analysts

OSINT (Open Source Intelligence) analysts rely heavily on various software tools to extract valuable information from platforms like Telegram. With its end-to-end encryption and self-destructing messages, Telegram has gained popularity amongst individuals and groups looking for secure communication channels. While it initially attracted a criminal element, Telegram has seen a slight demographic shift in recent years, becoming more mainstream. This shift, combined with its massive user base, makes Telegram a valuable source of information for OSINT analysts.

In this article, we will explore the top nine OSINT software tools for Telegram that can help analysts effectively collect and analyse information. Let’s dive in.

1. Lyzem

Lyzem is a search engine specifically designed for Telegram. This social media tracking tool allows users to search for conversations using key phrases and uncover public channels, users, and groups. Lyzem is especially useful for corporate analysts who may be restricted from creating a Telegram account.

2. Geogramint

Geogramint is an OSINT software tool that utilises Telegram’s API to identify nearby users and groups. Inspired by the now-discontinued Tejado’s Telegram Nearby Map, Geogramint aims to provide a more user-friendly experience. However, it can only find Telegram users and groups that have activated the “nearby” feature.

3. Telegram Phone Number Check

The Telegram Phone Number Check tool allows users to verify if a specific phone number is connected to a Telegram account. However, this tool requires an active Telegram account with a phone number, which can pose privacy concerns for OSINT analysts. It is recommended to use a burner SIM card and follow safety procedures to protect your identity.

4. Intelligence X: TG

Intelligence X: TG is a powerful OSINT software tool that allows users to search for information from Telegram, including users, channels, groups, or bots. By entering relevant keywords or phrases, analysts can retrieve related information from Telegram’s vast database.

5. Telepathy

Telepathy is often referred to as the “Swiss Army Knife” of Telegram tools. This tool enables analysts to archive Telegram chats, including replies, media content, reactions, and comments. Additionally, Telepathy can gather member lists, analyse top posters, and map forwarded messages. It is particularly useful for identifying potential threat actors and their locations.

6. Telegram DB

Telegram DB is an OSINT software tool that allows analysts to search Telegram groups, channels, and their members. With the Telegram DB bot, analysts can search for all public groups a user has been to. Additionally, this tool doubles as a search engine, offering more results than a standard Telegram search.

7. TLgrm.eu

TLgrm.eu is an online platform that provides a comprehensive directory of Telegram channels. By entering the name of a specific group or related keywords, analysts can discover if TLgrm.eu has indexed the page and access the relevant results.

8. Telegago

Telegago is a Google-based OSINT software tool designed specifically for Telegram. Analysts can easily and quickly search for private groups and channels without the need to open a separate browser. The search engine is conveniently integrated within the Telegram messenger interface.

9. Navigator

Navigator is more than just a search tool; it automates the OSINT process, saving time and resources for analysts. It collects data from various public sources, including popular social media platforms, alt-tech social media channels, blogs, message boards, classified sites, deep web sources, and dark web sources. By conducting searches 24/7 and automatically, Navigator ensures efficient threat intelligence collection. It also features a comprehensive alert system to notify your team of potential threats as soon as they are detected.

In addition to the above tools, LifeRaft is an exceptional OSINT platform that bridges the gap between security teams and social media platforms like Telegram. With its extensive capabilities and dedicated customer support team, LifeRaft enables analysts to find and analyse relevant information effectively.

Telegram continues to grow in popularity as other social networks crack down on abusive user practices. This shift has also attracted criminals and illicit activities to the platform. It is crucial for researchers and analysts to consider Telegram as a primary source of open-source intelligence and leverage the right tools to make the most of the available data.

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