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In today’s digital age, collecting information from the Internet has become an integral part of our daily lives. Whether we are searching for specific details or conducting research, the Internet is our go-to source for information. However, finding accurate and relevant information can be a complex and time-consuming task. With numerous search engine results and pages to sift through, it can be challenging to identify the best write-up that will provide the most useful information.

Fortunately, science has provided a solution to this problem – the use of OSINT (Open Source Intelligence) tools. These tools are designed to efficiently gather and present relevant data on a specific topic. In this article, we will explore the concept of OSINT tools, their importance, and the best tools available for 2023.

What is an OSINT Tool?

An OSINT tool, short for Open Source Intelligence Tool, is a software or application that helps extract necessary information from the vast expanse of the Internet. When you search for a specific topic, numerous suggestions and results will appear before you. However, research conducted by former Google CEO Eric Schmidt indicates that people can only access less than 1% of the data available on the Internet.

An OSINT tool is designed to help you access the most relevant and accurate data on your searched topic, along with other references. It combines multiple data points and utilises cross-referencing technology to provide optimum service within a short time. This is why people are increasingly dependent on OSINT tools for gathering information.

Why is an OSINT Tool Necessary?

OSINT tools serve three primary goals:

  1. Discover Publicly Available Information: OSINT tools are invaluable for IT support teams as they can sift through vast amounts of data to figure out the information available on a searched topic.
  2. Detect Important Information Beyond One’s Organisation: A significant amount of information may exist beyond the confines of one’s working area. OSINT tools help gather information from external sources such as social media and other domains, allowing for thorough cross-checking of important matters.
  3. Data Compilation: OSINT tools can scan thousands of data points and compile them into a concise and presentable form. This allows users to obtain systematic and relevant information on any topic within a short time.

These reasons contribute to the increasing popularity of OSINT tools as essential resources for information gathering.

The Best OSINT Tools for 2023

Now that we understand the importance of OSINT tools, let’s explore the top 20 tools available for 2023:

1. Maltego

Maltego is an excellent OSINT tool for Java users. This open-source intelligence tool offers a vast amount of information from trustworthy sources and provides a graphical representation of the data. It boasts 58 data sources and allows users to add their public databases and manually input data sources. Maltego offers different visual layouts for information and even provides an online course for more efficient use. ^1^

2. Spider foot

Spiderfoot is a cloud-based OSINT tool that allows users to access information from diversified sources. It is specifically designed for investigation purposes and is highly regarded by cybersecurity experts. Spiderfoot utilises Internet footprint methods to identify the most relevant information from publicly available databases. It offers data collaboration capacity and is an excellent resource for data discovery. ^2^

3. Google Dork

Google Dork is a data querying method that provides a straightforward way of using Google syntax to find accurate and compiled information. It offers a deeper search atmosphere compared to the general Google Search Bar and is a valuable alternative. Its Intel techniques ensure the best service and accurate information compilation. ^3^

4. Racon-Ng

Racon-Ng is a user-friendly OSINT tool that offers free service. It serves as a command-line tool for Linux/Unix and provides the best data collection sources. Racon-Ng ensures cybersecurity and is completely free to use. ^4^

5. Shodan

Shodan is a multipurpose OSINT tool that offers a deep search and ensures the relevance of facts. It is particularly useful for IT-based information and can scan websites, webcams, servers, routers, and more. Shodan is an excellent example of an OSINT tool that provides cybersecurity. ^5^

6. Metasploit

Metasploit is an efficient OSINT tool that helps users gather the required information within minutes. It can discover vulnerabilities in hosts or networks and allows users to upload, download, alter, and listen to files accessed through the tool. Metasploit offers strict cybersecurity measures and is highly customizable. It is primarily used for commercial purposes. ^6^

7. Social Scanner API

Social Scanner API is a valuable tool for gathering information from social media and other websites. It can identify users’ usernames and the links to their profiles, making it useful for detecting malicious activities. With access to over 996 websites, Social Scanner API provides a wealth of information on specific topics. It offers up to 1000 free queries per month. ^7^

8. Metagoofil

Metagoofil is an OSINT tool used to extract metadata from publicly available servers. It is particularly useful for penetration testers and can gather information such as usernames, company server names, and documents. Metagoofil offers features like searching for records, local downloads, and reporting results to help users achieve their desired data. ^8^

9. Intelligence X

Intelligence X is an OSINT tool that provides information from known and unknown sources. Users can search for data using email addresses, domains, URLs, IPs, and more. It searches through sources like Whois data, darknet, and public data leaks. Intelligence X works incredibly fast, delivering results within milliseconds. It is primarily targeted towards companies and government entities. ^9^

10. TinEye

TinEye is an OSINT tool that specialises in finding information through images. It can detect specific photos or images and is useful for detecting brand-related fraud. By inputting an accurate picture into the image search engine, users can access relevant information. TinEye uses signature matching, image matching, watermark detection, and other techniques to suggest relevant information. ^10^

11. Creepy

Creepy is an OSINT tool that focusses on geolocation. It uses social networking platforms and various images to find information. Creepy offers features like ‘Map View’ and ‘Target,’ providing precise details and allowing users access to info in CSV and KML formats. ^11^

12. Nex Vision

Nex Vision is an AI-powered OSINT tool used for data collection by the military, researchers, and large companies. It provides the most accurate data within the shortest time and removes false positives. Nex Vision offers multilingual data support and allows users to set keyword alerts in real-time. It ensures strict cybersecurity and is cloud-based. ^12^

13. OSINT Framework

OSINT Framework is not a tool itself but offers a search bar for users to search for information. It is primarily used in the cybersecurity sector and provides the best data relevant to specific topics. OSINT Framework is free to use, with some instances requiring a nominal fee. ^13^

14. Check Usernames

Check Usernames is an OSINT tool that helps detect specific usernames used in social media. It can identify similar usernames that are actively being used and is useful for investigating social media usage or detecting company names. ^14^

15. TheHarvestor

TheHarvestor is a highly recommended OSINT tool for penetration testers. It can search for information using subdomain names, open ports, virtual hosts, email addresses, and more. TheHarvestor collects data from various resources, including social networking sites, to provide relevant information. It also allows users to perform penetration tests against their networks. ^15^

16. SEON

SEON is an OSINT tool that helps detect online footprints and prevent online fraud. It checks social media profiles and collects links to find cyber footprints. SEON provides real-time results and gives a risk score while searching. It requires a subscription fee to use. ^16^

17. Lampyre

Lampyre is an OSINT tool that detects cyber threats and analyses crimes and finances. It extracts data from over 100 sources and can be installed on a PC or run online. Lampyre is an automated tool that offers one-click functionality. It is recommended to cross-check the resources and ensure that the source is open-source. A subscription charge is required to use Lampyre. ^17^

18. Spokeo

Spokeo is a US-centric OSINT tool that provides access to US-related materials. It ensures the authenticity of the information it provides and offers an Android-based app. Spokeo allows users to access billions of historical records, property deeds, and other information from its archive. It also collects information from social media platforms. ^18^

19. Jigsaw

Jigsaw is an OSINT tool that focuses on gathering information about employees within a company. Users can search for employees of companies like Google, LinkedIn, Twitter, and more by inputting domain names or email addresses. Jigsaw provides all related information about the employees of these companies, but it may be challenging to find data about startup companies. ^19^

20. Wappalyzer

Wappalyzer is an OSINT tool designed for technology researchers. It quickly identifies different technologies used in specific websites and lists the websites that use significant IT technology. Wappalyzer is an automated tool that allows users to set alerts and stay up to date with the latest technological developments. ^20^


In conclusion, OSINT tools are essential resources for efficiently gathering and organising information from the Internet. They save time and effort, providing users with relevant and accurate data on a wide range of topics. The top 20 OSINT tools mentioned in this article offer specialised features and cater to different needs. By utilising these tools, users can streamline their information gathering process and stay updated with the latest developments in their respective fields.

Remember to share your experiences after using these tools and make the most of the valuable resources they provide!

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